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Nazi Spies, The FBI & Wonder Woman...The Strange Case of William Moulton Marston

William Moulton Marston, better known as the creator of Wonder Woman, which he penned under the pseudonym of Charles Moulton, had another, more mainstream claim to fame – he invented the lie detector machine.  Now you’d think that such an invention would endear the man to law enforcement worldwide as the concept was to easily weed out a liar, but that wasn’t to be the case.  At least major agency not only refused to entertain the concept of a lie detector machine, but came to despise Marston.  That agency was none other than the FBI, and, in particular, the head of the FBI, John Edgar Hoover.
In 1938 Marston’s publisher, Richard Smith, sent a copy of Marston’s book, The Lie Detector Test to the FBI for review, and also with the hopes of securing either an endorsement from the FBI, and possibly J. Edgar Hoover himself, or the chance to secure some fat Government contracts and orders.  The book was received, logged and an acknowledgement letter sent out.  From there it was passed around …

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