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The OFFICIAL Frank Brunner T-Shirt Range

Out of the chaos and confusion that is now the Gary Friedrich situation an excellent idea has come forth - officially licensed t-shirts featuring the incredible artwork of legendary comic book and fantasy artist Frank Brunner.  And they're only available through the Adelaide Comics Centre store, and via their site, Dynamic Duo Comics.  So what's the story behind all of this?
One half of the Dynamic Duo, Michael Baulderstone, got the idea late last year while reading Previews.  Inside he noticed that Marvel were releasing a t-shirt featuring the iconic cover art for Dr. Strange #4 - 'Dr. Strange Meets Death'.  Anyone who has ever seen the comic knows the art, and you can see it here - it's one of Franks best ever covers, full of power and stunning line-work.  Michael, who you might remember as the guy who made world news when he busted a shop-lifter while dressed as Spider-Man (Michael was the one dressed as Spider-Man, not the crook) a couple of years back, knows …

Gary Friedrich & Marvel: Fact vs Rumour

On Thursday morning I unleashed a can of worms about Marvel Comics and their shoddy treatment of GaryFriedrich.  I then shared the news with a few people, notably Norm Breyfogle, and hoped that it’d cause a bit of a stir throughout the comic book community and make people want to help the man.  Truth be known I wasn’t that confident as I’d posted previous reports on the progress of Gary’s case, including one post where I mentioned that Marvel might hit the man with a bill, but not many people seemed overly interested.  So it goes.  However once Marvel did hit Gary with the bill – a $17,000 bill – people got very frustrated and, rightly so, upset.  Now it’s gone totally viral with anyone and everyone weighing in with an opinion – and that’s not a good thing, it’s a GREAT thing.  From Mike Mignola and Neal Adams donating art to Steve Niles setting up a donation page, and more, the response has been overwhelming.  I’ve yet to hear from Gary, but, honestly, I don’t expect to.  I’m happy k…

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