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"And thus I was born..." Jack Kirby's 95th Birthday

Jack Kirby would have been 95 years old on the 28th of August.  To celebrate this I've decided to let him speak for himself, in a manner of speaking.  The following text appeared in FOOM #8 and marks one of the few times that Kirby wrote a prose piece about his life.  It seems apt that Kirby should be the focus on his birthday, as opposed to those who'll write about themselves and how they interact(ed) with the man. So, go ahead, read The King's words and rejoice...

At Last...The End Of Stan Lee Media Inc vs Stan Lee


Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Joe Kubert by Alan Kupperberg & Steve Mitchell

What you're about to read is a previously unseen, unheard and unpublished interview with the master himself - Joe Kubert - as conducted by Alan Kupperberg and Steve Mitchell in January 1970.  
This interview is published with the express permission of Alan and Steve, and the copyright lays with them - so no stealing this interview to put in a book.  If you feel the need to use it, or to quote from it, then ask Alan and Steve first.  Now, without any further ado, let's get started!

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