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"And thus I was born..." Jack Kirby's 95th Birthday

Jack Kirby would have been 95 years old on the 28th of August.  To celebrate this I've decided to let him speak for himself, in a manner of speaking.  The following text appeared in FOOM #8 and marks one of the few times that Kirby wrote a prose piece about his life.  It seems apt that Kirby should be the focus on his birthday, as opposed to those who'll write about themselves and how they interact(ed) with the man. So, go ahead, read The King's words and rejoice... And thus I was born, amidst questions, questions ... "Can it be a Leprechaun?" asked Mrs. Rafferty. "A Prince of the Blood, maybe?" laughed Mrs. Goldberg. "Not that anaemic runt," replied the good doctor as he shot a compassionate glance at my mother and handed my father the bill. Not quite convinced that he'd made medical history, the dazed physician clattered down three flights of unswept stairs and into the first rays of dawn. The place, New York City. The date, A

At Last...The End Of Stan Lee Media Inc vs Stan Lee

That sigh of relief that you might have heard over the weekend was due to one thing and one thing only – the final nail in the coffin that was the longest running legal saga of them all – Stan Lee Media vs Stan Lee!   After a decade and change of legal back and forth Judge Stephen Wilson has finally out a pin in the whole thing and ended the case once and for all – well, until the expected appeal is lodged. The mess that is Stan Lee Media and their legal shenanigans is far too complicated to go into here - it deserves a book, if not an entire series of books, plus a mini-series - and it wasn’t that long into it all that people began to become highly frustrated by the seemingly endless litigations.   In a hearing on January 24 th , 2011, Judge Wilson summed up the case and the car wreck as such: Be seated for a moment because this has become -- and not just today, but over time -- an unbelievable mess. I mean it almost is an embarrassment. I'm not saying that in a manner

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Joe Kubert by Alan Kupperberg & Steve Mitchell

What you're about to read is a previously unseen, unheard and unpublished interview with the master himself - Joe Kubert - as conducted by Alan Kupperberg and Steve Mitchell in January 1970.   This interview is published with the express permission of Alan and Steve, and the copyright lays with them - so no stealing this interview to put in a book.  If you feel the need to use it, or to quote from it, then ask Alan and Steve first.  Now, without any further ado, let's get started! Joe Kubert January 1970 Conducted by Steve Mitchell and Alan Kupperberg Steve Mitchell : As an artist, what do you prefer drawing? Joe Kubert : It depends on the subject matter. I don’t think there are any special likes or dislikes that I have. I like doing the Tor strips specifically. SM : Uh huh. JK : I like doing science-fiction. I like doing Westerns… SM : Do you like doing war? ’Cause that’s what you’ve been doing for the last millennium. JK : I like doing the

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