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Gary Friedrich vs Marvel Comics: It Begins - Opening Appeal Brief

Right on time, here's the opening brief for Gary Friedrich, as filed in his appeal against the recent victory of Marvel Comics and the Ghost Rider character.  As expected the appeal is relying on the ambiguity of the Marvel contracts, in particular the retro-active contracts that Marvel had their freelancers sign in 1978.  If you believe Friedrich, those contracts were signed under some duress, with Friedrich stating in his deposition that, " I was given an agreement at that time by Sol Brodsky and told that if I wanted to continue to work for Marvel that I would have to sign it ."  That claim of duress isn't isolated to Gary Friedrich, other creators have said the same thing, some, such as Don McGregor, walked from Marvel instead of signing it back in the day, however for Friedrich it was a double blow - he signed the contract and stopped getting work at Marvel. There is one minor fact that has been missed, a loophole that might come in handy at some stage. A

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