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1933's 'The Reign Of The Superman' - The First Superman Story, EVER

It's the 1000th blog post, and I wanted this to be a special one, so let's get into it! Holy Cow! It's SUPERMAN! “In the third issue of our fanzine I wrote a story called "The Reign of the Superman." I wrote it under the pseudonym of Herbert S. Fine which was a combination of the names of one of my cousins and my mother's maiden name. Joe did the illustrations for it. “As a science-fiction fan, I knew of the various themes in the field. The superman theme has been one of the themes ever since Samson and Hercules; and I just sat down and wrote a story of that type—only in this story, the Superman was a villain.” – Joe Siegel “The evil Superman was just my idea of a villain.”  Joe Shuster You’re reading those quotes right – the first appearance of Superman, other than when George Bernard Shaw wrote the name out for his play, Man And Superman, was in a fanzine which appeared in January 1933.  That would mean that Superman was ready for publica

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