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More Fun With Archie - The Other Side Of The Story...

Yesterday I posted the legal document that Nancy Silberkleit has filed, asking for $50,000,000 in damages from Archie and Jonathan Goldwater for defamation of character, amongst other claims.  One thing the document has shown is that all is most definitely not well at family friendly Archie Comics, indeed the company is starting to look more like a car crash reality show than the pure of heart Riverdale.  By now I expect that people have read the New York Post links and are probably asking, where did the animosity against Silberkleit originate from?  Well, look no further than Archie HQ itself. These are the documents at the core of the issue.  These documents, comprising of Silberkleit's employment agreement, emails and a very inflammatory Human Resources report which contains the bulk of the allegations against Silberkleit, were filed as part of the original restraining order preventing Silberkleit from coming anywhere near Archie HQ, physically, let alone having anything

Fun With Archie? Not Likely - Archie Co-CEO $50,000,000 Files Suit...

Archie Comics has been the source of quite a few legal proceedings of late, none more interesting than the obvious fight over the company, which keeps taking more twists and turns each time the sun rises.  The case is a bit more complex to go into here, but in short the fighting is all coming down to the usual issue - control.  At the moment Archie is co-run by Jonathan Goldwater, the grandson of Archie founder John Goldwater, and Nancy Silberkleit, who is the widow of Michael Silberkleit, the son of Archie co-founder Louis Silberkleit. The New York Post has been running stories of the latest goings on at Archie HQ, and they're not nice at all.  You can read them here and here , and there's an excellent summary of the whole thing here .  In short, Archie has filed suit to have Nancy Silberkleit barred from the company, representing the company or having anything to do with the company, citing bullying, harassment and general abuse.  As it now stands, Silberkleit is under a

An Important Message On Behalf Of Tom Ziuko

Hello -- my name is Gary Mann , writing here on Tom's behalf. You may not know me, but if you read comic-books or grew up reading them, chances are you're familiar with the name Tom Ziuko, and his work. Tom was recently hospitalised for the second time in less than a year; this time requiring emergency surgery. I've helped to create this Facebook page for Tom in order to bring attention to his current medical situation, and hopefully gain assistance in order to help him out. Tom is a comic-book colorist by profession -- over the course of his thirty year career he's worked primarily for DC and Marvel Comics; as well as a host of other independent publishers. His credits include work on a wide variety of characters and genres, ranging from Superman, Bat-Man, Spider-Man and Captain America to Dracula and The Shadow; and on titles as diverse as Crisis on Infinite Earths and The History of the DC Universe, from Hellblazer to Looney Toons; as well as d

The Trials Of Superman - Available Now & FREE!

From the introduction: 2001 DC Comics had reached an agreement to license and control the Siegel’s 50% stake – they already control co-creator Joe Shuster’s 50% share, until 2013 when the Shuster heirs are expected to file suit – when talks fell apart and the Siegel’s walked.  The other side of the story is that DC changed the terms of the deal at the last minute leaving the Siegel’s with no choice but to terminate the negotiations.  DC have since counter-claimed that the Siegel’s were led into withdrawing from signing the contract in 2001 at the eleventh hour by their current lawyer, Marc Toberoff.  As it stood the Siegel’s then filed suit, in 2004, against DC Comics, seeking to validate their ownership, in addition to seeking further rights and to also demand that DC Comics give a full accounting of the money that had been realized since 1999 by the Superman franchise.  The argument was that DC Comics had undervalued Superman and licensed the rights to exploit the charact

Newton Comics: Cover IDs

I'm entering the home straight for my long overdue, long awaited Newton Comics book.  As with such projects, more information is coming in each and every day, including an incredible set of documents that arrived just last night - I'm glad I held off from the original publishing date.  As it stands I need to finally, and fully, id the origins of the following covers.  If you know where they first appeared, either as covers or as interior art, and who drew/painted them, then let me know in the comments section or by sending down an email.  Make sure you include your name as you will be thanked in the final book. Here goes! Swap Card Album Tales of Horror #4 Fantastic Four #5 Giant Man-Dr Strange Hulk Annual #1 Monsters Unleashed Newton Four-In-One #1   Newton Holiday Spectacular Newton Spectacular Newton Annual Origins POTA #11 POTA #12 POTA #13 POTA #14 POTA #15 POTA #16 POTA #16 POT

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