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Merry Christmas!

It's 8:00am on the 25th of December.  This time of Christmas day, to me anyway, is the best part of Christmas. On Christmas day, the morning is always so still and quiet. Birds chirping woke me up, and there's no other sound. Soon the air will be filled with the sounds of kids playing with new toys, or, at least it should be. Where we used to get bikes, toy cars and the like, kids now get X-Boxes, Playstations, iPods, mobile phones and electronic crap like that. But the morning is still the best, dead silent.  The door here is open, a cool breeze is coming in and the only sounds are the birds flying overhead - even the neighbourhood pets (including our three cattens) are quiet. Silent night my arse, it should be silent morning.

Have a great Christmas everyone.  May it also herald the dawning of a bright new year to come, and begin the process of closure of the year that has been.  Be safe, be kind to others and always remember those less fortunate than you are - no matter how…

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