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Frank Miller vs Yonkers Racing Corporation

There's plenty of reasons why Frank Miller's Holy Terror took so long to be published.  As we all know, the project began life as a Batman story, before DC decided that they wanted to pass on it, after which Miller retooled it to be a generic hero in a generic city.  Miller was also distracted by cinema, in particular Sin City, which he co-directed and wrote, the adaptation of 300 which he served as an executive producer and The Spirit, the latter which he directed and wrote.  The relative merits of the movies aside, and it could be easily debated that a film such as The Spirit was more an affront and insult to the memory of Will Eisner than a celebration, these projects, along with an extended, albeit interrupted and never completed, collaboration with Jim Lee for DC Comics - All Star Batman and Robin - conspired to take Miller's focus and attention away from completing Holy Terror.

Holy Terror was also delayed by another problem, a lengthy delay over the use of the name…

Inkwell Awards: The Joe Sinnott Inking Challenge Continues!

Joe Sinnott. The name immediately evokes to mind many things: legendary inker, community-respected veteran artist, gentleman, fan-favorite and art partner of Jack Kirby. For the non-profit organization the Inkwell Awards, Joe is their Hall of Fame namesake and recipient, a living representation of what the art form of inking is really about with a decades-spanning career of work to prove it.

“I said these words last year,” says Bob Almond, Inkwell Awards founder and director, “and I really can't top that description of Joe and his value to and contributions within the comic book community.”  Last year's Joe Sinnott Inking Challenge was a huge success for the non-profit Inkwell Awards organization, bringing in many veteran and contemporary artists to help our mission to educate the public about the art form of inking with before and after examples of pencils to inks, ultimately showcasing what ink artists bring to the table.  This year The Inkwells will continue our…

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