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The FBI vs Hitler

Believe it or not the FBI devoted countless man-hours and money investigating the possibility that the most notorious of all WWII villains escaped justice – Adolph Hitler.  Seriously!  Would I fib to you?

It all began shortly after Hitler killed himself in April 1945.  It took a mere month or so for the FBI to receive their first tip off, that being that Hitler had escaped to Argentina.  At the time Hitler was described as suffering from asthma and ulcers, and had shaved his trademark Charlie Chaplin moustache off.  The tipster was a person who had heard the story in a bar from someone who knew someone who’d been paid $15,000 to assist in the escape plans.  According to the story, Hitler was squirreled out of Berlin, via plane and submarine, and taken to Argentina where he was greeted by government officials, given a health check and allowed to settle down.  From that initial letter the gloves were off – Hitler sightings were as common in the late 1940s and early ‘50s as Elvis sighting…

Who Created Ghost Rider? The Not-So Secret Origin Story Of Zarathos!

One of the least watched court cases doing the rounds of late involves Gary Friedrich and his quest for the rights to his creation, Ghost Rider.  Friedrich initiated the case in March 2007, and it continues to run to this day.  It’s been a fairly long haul, with changes of courts, depositions, discovery and the like taking its toll on the wait for a verdict, but now things are really starting to heat up.  As I look at the documents I can’t help but wonder about the physical, emotional and mental toll this must surely be taking on Friedrich himself – the sheer amount of time wasted by Marvel’s lawyers on trivial things is incredible, but they have to do their thing I guess.  I also can’t help but wonder, a lot of these cases could surely be settled with a simple deal.  I know Marvel don’t want to hand over the rights to their established characters, but surely they could cut a deal whereby they pay a creator off and let it go at that?  With the millions they must be spending on court c…

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