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Original Art Stories: Steve Geppi's Million Dollar Art Deal Gone Bad Part III: Geppi's Deposition

An anonymous person decided to accuse me of spreading ‘misinformation’ in regards to my recent posting about Steve Geppi and his milliondollar art deal that went horribly wrong.  To further this I thought it’d only be fair to share everything at my disposal – the other day I posted Jerry Weist’s art inventory, so today I thought I’d post Steve Geppi’s deposition, in its entirety.
Here you can read how Geppi’s wealth has plummeted from an estimated $20,000,000 to somewhere around $1,000,000.  You can read, in his own words, why Geppi stopped paying the agreed upon amount to the Montana family.  You can read, in Geppi’s own words, about the many judgments against him.  About the only thing you can’t read is why Geppi firmly believed that the Montana family colluded with Jerry Weist to inflate the value of Bob Montana’s art in order to get a better price, but you can read, in Geppi’s own words, how he has no idea who bought the art that Diamond sold, or what prices they realised, this i…

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