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Original Art Stories: Don Heck - In His Own Words

Don Heck was one of the better artists that emerged from the Golden Age of comic books.  The fact that he began in that era and worked through to the 1980s speaks volumes for both his quality and consistency.  Be it pencilling or inking, Heck was more than capable of producing the goods, on time, and in a manner that leant itself to the medium of comic books.  Heck was so good that when Jack Kirby moved from Marvel to DC he asked Heck to ink the initial presentation pieces for the characters that would eventually become the New Gods, and offered him all the work he could handle.  Indeed, Kirby’s ideal world would have seen him, Kirby, writing and editing a Fourth World line drawn by Steve Ditko, John Romita and Don Heck, and what a line it would have been – it remains one of the great ‘what ifs’ of comic books.  How good was Heck?  When Martin Goodman gave Stan Lee the go ahead to relaunch Marvel Comics in the early ‘60s he chased down a few artists.  Amongst the talent that Lee asse…

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