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Marvel Worldwide, Inc. et al v. Kirby et al - Mark Evanier Speaks

Welcome to Part V of the transcripts from the Marvel vs Jack Kirby's estate court case.  You can find Part I, Stan Lee's testimony, here, Part II, John Romita, here and Part III, Larry Lieber, here and Part IV, Roy Thomas is here. This was always going to be a contentious deposition, and it clearly proved to be one of the most fiery of them all. Evanier has long promoted himself as the expert on Jack Kirby and his works, to the detriment of others, as evidenced in this telling piece of testimony, “I derived a lot of my knowledge about Marvel from books, as I mentioned. There is very little written and published about a lot of this material. A lot of what has been published about it was written by me. So if the question is, did I check my opinions against published works by others, I don't think there are any published works by others that would cover this material.” I hate to tell Mark this but there is a lot of documentation out there about the period of 1958 through …

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