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Original Art Stories: Zeck Month Part II: Omincon 1976

I doubt that many people would have seen this strip before.  Taken from the Omnicon Convention 1976 book, which was housed in a brilliant Frank Brunner cover, it is more of a try out for Marvel Comics than anything else.

In 1975/76 Mike Zeck was busy working for Charlton Comics - and more on that in a later post.  However Charlton was rapidly going under at the time so Mike was forced to seek work elsewhere.  The issue that he had, as he recounted in an 1980s interview, was that he had been doing horror stories for the previous two years, so none of the Marvel or DC editors knew if he was capable of drawing superheroes.  Mike had devoted a lot of time, and his considerable talents, to drawing illustrations for James Van Hise's publications, notably amongst them the Batman illo that would be used for the contents page in many an issue of Rocket's Blast Comic Collector.  This programme would have been seen by a number of professionals, so to place some sample pages in it would ha…

Armageddon Expo Adelaide

Before I start, I suggest that everyone go and visit Don Hudson's blog and check out the exquisite pencil scans that he's been posting of late.  Mazzuchelli, Alan Davis - this is stuff you rarely, if ever, see these days, so if you like the comic book art, then check out Don's blog now.  Plus Don is a great fellow indeed.

Now, back to the topic at hand.  Today marked the first day of the first such event to be held in Adelaide, the Armageddon Expo!  For years Adelaide has been overlooked by such events by the promoters, with Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth getting in on the act.  Why do they overlook Adelaide?  Ask them, not me, as I'm told my theories aren't exactly true.  At least that's what I'm told in public, in private it's a different story.

The show ran like clockwork and it seemed that everyone was having a great time.  We spent virtually no money but sat in on panels by John Ryhs-Davis and Karen Allen to our great delight, and there was m…

Original Art Stories: Zeck Month Part I: J.M DeMatties & Mike Zeck's Captain America

Welcome to March 2011, which, for those who read this blog will mean Mike Zeck & J.M. DeMatteis month.  In the coming days and weeks, I'll be taking a look at some of the duo's best known work, through the eyes of artists, writers and collectors alike - so if you have something you want to share then drop me a line.  Also there'll be plenty of original art, including some art that you might not have seen before in it's purest form, so keep checking back, and often.

Now, on with the show!  Before J.M. DeMatties and Mike Zeck worked on Kraven’s Last Hunt they enjoyed a run on one of the most iconic of all of Marvel’s characters – Captain America. This run was notable in that Mike took the character of Captain America and changed his visuals. Previously most artists had drawn the character as muscular, albeit on the slim side. Zeck created a muscular, massive Captain America of truly heroic proportions and in doing so ensured that his rendition would remain totally…

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