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R.I.P: Joanne Siegel

The last living link to the creation of Superman, Joanne Siegel, has passed away at the age of 93. Joanne was not only the second wife of Superman co-creator and writer Jerry Siegel, but she was also the inspiration, and model, for the original Lois Lane, as conceptualised by artist Joe Shuster. Throughout the latter parts of the 20th century, others claimed that they were the model, but Jerry always maintained it was Joanne, and only Joanne, who inspired Joe. Joanne met both Jerry and Joe in the mid 1930s, when Cleveland was still in a depression. She had placed an ad in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, which is still being published, offering to model for a modest fee. Joe made contact, Joanne modelled and Joe sketched. When the time came for a supporting cast in Superman, Joe went back to his sketch books and found Joanne, thus was born Lois Lane. Joanne kept in touch with Jerry and Joe, and when Jerry’s first marriage ended he and Joanne wed, in 1948, over a decade since they’d …

Michael Netzer wants to Save The Comics!

Michael Netzer, as is his way, has again stirred up a massive hornets nest with this recent petition and FTC complaint against Marvel and DC and I can’t say that I don’t agree with it all, in fact, I do agree. I’ve even signed the petition. As I don’t work for either company, nor am I likely to, I have absolutely nothing to lose, unlike some, so I can understand the lack of big names on the petition as a whole – it’d be paramount to political suicide to sign such a document in this day and age as freedoms aren’t what they used to be. Gone is the era when a person could critic the way a comic book company was working - witness the Jack Kirby art petition. And therein lies the truth to what Michael is saying, times have changed and, sadly, not for the better.

Back in the mid 1980s when the Kirby petition circulated there were a lot of options for comic book artists, writers, editors and the like. Alongside Marvel and DC were other, smaller, companies, such as Pacific, Innovation, E…

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