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Original Art Stories: The Incredible Trevor Von Eeden and the Batman Commission

If you're serious about commissioning artwork from serious artists, then you shouldn't be going past Trevor Von Eeden .  There's many, many words I could write about Trevor, and indeed I have, but this time I'm going to let the visuals tell the story.  My original brief for Trevor was for him to recreate the cover art to the famous Batman Annual #8, originally drawn by Trevor and painted by Lynn Varley.  Along the way Trevor changed his mind as to what he wanted to do and told me that he wanted to impress Lynn.  To this end he decided to do a full colour commission, with coloured pencils only - no paint - and scanned it in stages.  I never saw the in-progress scans, Trevor wanted me to be impressed by the finished product, which, as you'll see, is breathtaking indeed.  And yes, I was, and still am, highly impressed. Did Trevor improve on what Lynn Varley originally did?  You make your own mind up. The original cover art by Von Eeden/Varley Stage One

For Gene Colan's Memory (in lieu of flowers)

From Clifford Meth : Following earlier discussions with Gene, and this morning with his daughter Nanci, I am setting up the Gene Colan Scholarship at the Joe Kubert School. In lieu of flowers and such, if you would like to contribute to this scholarship in Gene’s memory, please make your check payable to “Joe Kubert School” and mail it to my attention: Gene Colan Scholarship c/o Clifford Meth 179-9 Rt. 46 West Rockaway, NJ 07866. All checks will be delivered to Mike Chen, the school’s coordinator. --------------------------- This is tragic news, but not entirely unexpected.  The Colan family and Cliff will be overseeing the Gene Colan Scholarship, and it's a wonderful idea.  It'll sit next to the Dave Cockrum Scholarship (also overseen by Cliff) and the Dave Simons Inkwell Scholarship, which the Inkwell Awards oversees.  Personally Dave would be thrilled to have his name next to Gene, in perpetuity, and also Dave Cockrum, not to mention Joe Kubert.  I

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