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U2, Melbourne, December 3rd, 2010

What a difference a night makes.  Wednesday night's concert was completely different to Friday night, and not in a good way.  Friday night saw U2 perform their second concert in Melbourne, to a not so packed house, and, overall, the show was far better.  The band appeared far more relaxed and at ease, all the instruments worked and with both Debbie Harry and Chrissie Hynde in attendance, Bono made sure that there were several references to both ladies hits, with Atomic, Heart Of Glass and Brass In Pocket all being quoted during Beautiful Day.  None of the try hard crowd pleasing suburb name dropping and none of the usual Bono preaching was on display - just a band playing a damned good show.  Another good mix of old and new, but I'd still have preferred to hear more songs from the latest album, but, such is life.  At least they played New Years Day, a song that always gets both the band and the crowd going.  Can't complain about that.

All in all, well worth the $40 we spen…

U2, Melbourne, December 1st, 2010

And what an evening it was.  Pouring with rain as we waited in a massively long line that appeared to snake around the entire circumference of Etihad Stadium as it soon became obvious that only one gate was going to be opened for those who bought general admission tickets.  Still, you learn from these things.  Once inside, and it took the better part of an hour to actually get inside, people became dismayed as umbrellas were confiscated and thrown into a pile alongside a grinning security guy - I couldn't help but wonder if someone was going to scoop them all up and offer them for resale at a later date - and we won't talk about the fact that a simple bottle of water cost $5.  We avoided the food, having heard those horror stories. Getting out, well let's just say that I hope there's never a fire at that place, because many people will perish.  It took another 30 minutes to leave, as directions were hopeless (all anyone could hear was an announcer proclaiming how great…

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