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Mike Esposito: 1927 - 2010

Michael Esposito was born on July the 14th 1927 in Brooklyn, New York. The depression was ending, but as far as Mike’s upbringing was concerned it wasn’t all pain sailing. “It was pretty rough as far as my own personality not developing properly because of the depression, fears and the separation with my mother and father and things like because of there being no jobs. People were making nine dollars a week and they had to live on that, if they were working at all. I can remember seeing my father going out and he didn’t even have shoes, he had newspapers wrapped around the legs of his pants so he could walk through the snow. I was about six years old.” These memories remained with Mike over the years and, like most of the depression babies, a lifelong fear of being poor saw him infused with a work ethic that would have stunned other people. There was hardly a time when Mike wasn’t working.

As a child and well into his teens Mike felt victimised due to his last name and heritage.…

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