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Original Art Stories: John Romita - Marvel Giant. 'Nuff Said!

It’s ironic that when John Romita joined Marvel in the mid-1960s, he had never heard of their flagship character, The Amazing Spider-Man. The irony runs deeper when you realise that within a few years the names ‘Spider-Man’ and ‘John Romita’ would be forever linked, to the point where it could be argued that he surpassed Spider-Man’s co-creator, and original artist, Steve Ditko for sheer impact upon the title. “I had never even heard of Spider-Man,” says Romita when asked about the character. “I had never heard of the Fantastic Four. I was not a very bright comic artist. As a comic artist with business in mind I should have been up on all the stuff that was selling very well. I was very parochial. Over the eight years that I was at DC all I looked at were DC books. When somebody told me that Stan Lee was selling books I was mildly surprised but I didn’t even pay attention. I never once cracked a Spider-Man; I never once looked at the news-stands to even see a Spider-Man. It was ver…

Non-Review: The Thin Black Line

I must be getting more mellow in my old age as I decided to wait a fair while before I made any real comment about this book, but here we go.

The Thin Black Line, released by TwoMorrows, is supposed to go a long way to reconcile inker Vinnie Colletta ‘s position within the comic book world and to rehabilitate his reputation. Colletta was known as an inker who took vast shortcuts overt his career, mainly due to some enormous deadline pressure, which saw the poor quality of his inking was often attributed to a lack of talent or ability. Let me get this out of the box straight away – Colletta had both talent and ability in spades. He was an accomplished penciller and would ink as well as anybody in the field whenever he wanted to. And therein lies the rub – more often than not he didn’t bother being as good as he could be.

Colletta was the ‘go to’ man for both Marvel and DC, and probably any other company he ever worked for. It’s well known that when one of the companies found themse…

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