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Original Art Stories: Alex Toth's Aussie Connection

As a lad growing up I was a massive fan of Alex Toth even if I didn’t realise it and I strongly suspect that a lot of other people were as well. Each Saturday morning I’d find myself glued to the television watching shows such as Space Ghost, Jonny Quest, Herculoids, Thunddar, Justice League Adventures, the Fantastic Four and many more, most of which, if not all, were designed by Toth as he had a hand in almost everything that Hanna-Barbera produced there for a while. I loved the visuals to death, and I still do. Then I discovered Toth in comic books, via, of all places, DC Comics. The first encounter was a Batman story, then that great Superman annual that Toth pencilled and Terry Austin inked. The simplicity of the line amazed me, so sparse yet so rich in detail. It was if Toth’s artwork was a contradiction in terms and almost at war with itself. It was mind-blowing.

Then I picked up a Walter Simonson book. I was a massive Simonson fan, much to the disgust of a few people tha…

The 2010 Inkwell Roundtable Interview

by C. Edward Sellner
Welcome one and all to the Inkwell Awards Roundtable interview. For those who don't know, the Inkwell Awards are comicdom's official inker awards, this year to have a live presentation at the New England Wizard World Comic-Con, October 15-17, 2010. But they are sooooooo much more than just snazzy awards! Their web site is a bundle of great stuff, including articles, how to's, interviews, an inker database, forums, links and other resources for inkers. They are a growing part of the comics community and doing their part for the recognition and advancement of the art of inking. Want to know more? Read on and join our participants Bob Almond, Daniel Best,, Jim Tournas, Nathan Massengill, Bob Shaw, Dan Panosian, Mark McKenna, Ernest Pelletier, Tom Schloendorn, and Joe Sinnott, and after, be sure and check out their official web site (
1) For those who might not know, can you give…

Original Art Stories: James O'Barr's Batman

I doubt that there’s anyone on the face of the planet who hasn’t heard of The Crow, and its tragic back-story. For those who haven’t heard the latter, creator James O’Barr was driven to write and draw the original story after his girlfriend was killed by a drunk driver in the late ‘70s. Drawing further inspiration from a story of a couple killed for their engagement ring, and the gothic music of The Cure and Joy Division (indeed the original Crow was dedicated to Joy Division’s equally as tragic lead singer, Ian Curtis), O’Barr created a dark, violent vision of revenge and redemption. But he never really did anything else, he never really went any further with his artistic talents or vision.

Funnily enough I've always found O'Barr to be somewhat of an interesting, if static, guy. He created an original, dark and almost steam punk vision, but he never really moved on from it, instead he appeared to almost remain in the moment, and subsequently all his art since seems to be a…

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