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Original Art Stories: Alan Kupperberg's 'Chudda's Revenge', The Missing Marvel Team-Up

One of the main goals for collectors of original art is to own a complete story, that is all of the pages that were published that still exist. Such beats aren’t that easy to come across though – I’m spending a considerable amount of time and expense tracking down a few errant pages to certain stories and issues that I have the bulk of here, and it’s frustrating to say the least, especially when you have all but a few pages. The ultimate goal is to own a complete series – I only have the one, that being Norm Breyfogle’s Metaphysique, which I own all of Norm’s interior pages to and the painted covers (I had, and still have, no interest in the non-Breyfogle pin-ups). Owning a complete story can be easy when it’s only a few pages, but don’t let that statement fool you, it’s no easy feat getting all of the art in.

Even more difficult is finding the pages for a non-published story. The reasons for this are simple – if the story wasn’t published then more often than not the pages were d…

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