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Original Art Stories: Don Heck's Avengers

Don Heck was one of those artists who never really got his proper due in my eyes. I think some of the first Avengers stories I read were drawn by Don Heck, if not inked by him over Jack Kirby pencils and certainly some of my fondest Iron Man stories were drawn by Heck, with Johnny Craig a close second. No disrespect to artists like Gil Kane, Gene Colan or the mighty Kirby, but, in my eyes only, nobody came close to capturing the true essence of ole Shell Head like Heck did. And no wonder, after all Heck did draw the first ever Iron Man story and must have had a hand in the creation of the character. “Stan called me one day and said you're going to be doing a new character called Iron Man. I had no idea what it was, what I was going to do. Kirby had designed a costume and contributed some ideas. Stan and I expanded on those ideas and then Larry Lieber wound up writing the final story. I liked doing that strip, especially the character bits with Tony Stark, Happy Hogan and P…

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