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Original Art Stories: The Evolution of A Golden Age Story - Heroic Comics & Tony Tallarico!

It’s very rare that an opportunity to dissect a sixty year old comic book story arises, but thanks to some fortuitous purchases of late, we now have that chance.

Heroic Comics was published by Eastern Color Printing Co./Famous Funnies, and ran from 1940 through to 1955, lasting 97 issues in total. Initially titled Reg’lar Fellers Heroic Comics, the series would further be renamed, first to Heroic Comics to New Heroic Comics. The series was finally wound up over a battle with the Comics Code Authority, who objected to the strong war themes that the book began to carry towards the end of its run. I’ll be running some of those war stories in the coming weeks, so you’ll be able to make your own mind up. The main issue with the CCA was that the series contributed to juvenile delinquency in the form of excessive violence. Yeah, right. The premise of the series was a simple one – they featured real life heroes, as opposed to fictional superheroes. Great stuff and rarely seen these days,…

From The Desk Of Rich Buckler: Part VI - D.C. Comics In The Late '70s

Welcome to Part VI of the life story of Rich Buckler!  Following on from Part V, Rich discusses the creation of one of his most famous creations, Deathlok.  Keep watching this series as there's some exciting news that, once the ducks are all lined up in a row, will thrill a lot of people. 

If you enjoy reading these articles, and if you like the art you're looking at, then feel free to contact Rich directly and arrange a commission.  Rich's schedule is fairly open right at the moment and Rich is more than capable of doing some stunning work.  Give it some serious consideration and spread the word.

Before we start I'd like to point out that all of the cover images shown in this post are Rich's own favourite DC covers.  When Rich points out what he loved drawing, well, you can see why people loved those covers then and still love them now.

In the meantime, sit back and enjoy Rich Buckler's life story, exclusive to this blog. 


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