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Western & Adventure Monster #1: Stanley Pitt and the Aussie EC Connection

It’s amazing to think that it’s been over a year since I wrote about the discovery of the second issue Western And Adventure Monster, a comic that had slipped past most lists. What made the comic notable was the inclusion of E.C. Comics material, something that was a genuine rarity for the time as it was believed that E.C. Comics had not appeared in Calvert comics (the Aussie publisher of Western & Adventure) as none of the Calvert line had ever boasted any such reprints. Kevin Patrick went one step further to label the comic a brilliant find as he’d not seen many E.C. stories in contemporary Australian reprint comics either, and, frankly, Kevin has seen them all. At the time we wondered if there’d be other issues of Western & Adventure out there, and, if they were, what would they contain.

I can answer both questions. Today, at a local Toy Fair, I picked this un-numbered issue of Western & Adventure Monster up for, well, a pittance really. Bearing a brilliant cover b…

Remembering Dave Simons

“I find now that one of the most important things in life is to try to make others feel better about themselves.” – Dave Simons

A year ago I was sitting at this very table just relaxing when Bob Shaw popped up on my G-Mail instant messenger. At the time my heart sank because deep down I knew what he was about to tell me. “I just got off the phone with Bette,” he said, “Dave just passed away.” The news hit me like a truck. Even though I thought I was ready for this as I’d mentally prepared myself after speaking to Dave about a month previously, and I knew he was very, very ill, the shock was incredible. Bob was in tears, without speaking to him I knew that he was in a bad shape. We just sat and talked, on line, for a while, just consoling each other, and then he asked if I could notify those who were close to Dave and make the official announcement. “Better it come from someone close to Dave than from someone who never knew him.” I prepared an email, and, still in shock, sent i…

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