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Marvel Announce New Project From Gibson, Moore, Quesada, McFarlane and Byrne

Marvel Announce New Project From Gibson, Moore, Quesada, McFarlane and Byrne

04/01/2010: In a shock move Marvel Comics today announced a new Captain America one-shot graphic novel from the All Star creative team of Academy Award winning writer/actor/producer/director Mel Gibson, along with industry legend Alan Moore and artists Joe Quesada, John Byrne and Todd McFarlane.

Titled “Ye Fookin’ Coont”, the story revolves around Steve Rogers being caught in a time warp and waking up in Scotland in 1304 where he is mistaken for William ‘Braveheart’ Wallace. Plotted by Academy Award winner Mel Gibson, the story will be scripted by Alan ‘Watchmen’ Moore and drawn by John 'X-Men' Byrne, with alternate covers by Joe 'Never Met A Deadline I Liked' Quesada and Todd ‘Spider-Man, Spawn’ McFarlane. The project marks the first major work at Marvel by Moore and the triumphant return to Marvel by Byrne and McFarlane.

When contacted for comment Gibson was pleased to be able to return to t…

Original Art Stories: Trevor Von Eeden and Black Lightning

Created by Tony Isabella in 1976 after meeting several black readers and working with talented artists such as Keith Pollard, Arvell Jones and Ron Wilson, Black Lightning was mooted as DC's answer to the various black characters at Marvel, The Black Panther, The Falcon and Luke Cage. DC had inititally approached Isabella to work on a character that had been created by another writer, The Black Bomber. Isabella recalls, "The hero, who would be their first "black" character to star in his own title, was a white racist Vietnam vet, who, as a result of taking part in chemical experiments to allow soldiers to blend in better with the jungle, turned into a black super-hero in moments of stress. It gets worse.

"In each of the two well-intentioned scripts, the hero would, in his white racist persona, save a person he couldn't see clearly and, on finding out the person was black, exclaim something along the lines of-and this is a quote -"You mean I risked my …

Dick Giordano: 1932 - 2010

Dear Friends & Colleagues,
It is my sorrowful duty to announce that legendary artist/editor/entrepreneur Dick Giordano passed away today.

Few could ever hope to match what he accomplished in his chosen profession, or to excel while maintaining great humor, compassion for his peers and an unwavering love for the art form.

His unique vision changed the comic industry forever and all of those who work in the business continue to share in the benefits of his sizable contributions.

I have been honored to call him a business partner, mentor and dear friend throughout the majority of my lifetime.

We will not see his like again.

Bob Layton
There’s been a lot written about Dick Giordano in the past few days and I feel there’s not a lot that I’d be able to add. I never met Dick, nor did I work with him, but I did correspond with him on several occasions, notably when I was writing the Andru & Esposito: Partners For Life book. …

Original Art Stories: Winnie The Pooh Pencil Sketches

CHAPTER X, pages 168.169: Eeyore Was Moved To The Front
CHAPTER IV, page 71: Tygers can't climb trees
A pair of lithographs, as drawn by the original Pooh artist, E.H. Shepherd.  The lithographs retain all the corrections and annotations to the original drawing by Shepherd to the publisher.  The lithographs themselves were issued in England in the early 1970s and sell for quite a bit of cash these days - indeed they can fetch more than some original art from the same time period.  The lithographs, while not signed, are authorised and are also of high quality. I found these two at a garage sale for the princly sum of $1 for the pair.  Framed and matted they could easily pass for original art, such is the quality of the printing, so be warned if you see them for sale.

Still, as the average asking price for these lithographs is anywhere from $50 to over $100, I don't expect to add to this collection in a hurry.

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