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Original Art Stories: JLA #22 Splash Page

There's not much I want to say about this, but to state that it's always a good thing to see such pieces of art that managed to survive the years.  I generally question the veracity of such Silver Age art as I'm aware that a lot of it never made it's way back to the original artists, but that doesn't stop me from appreciating it.  You can find this art on eBay at the moment, do a search for JLA #22 splash page and go ahead and make a bid.  It's a bit out of my price range, but then again, it'd look nice framed up and on the wall.

The art down the sides and at the top are original, drawn by Mike Sekowsky and inked by Bernard Sachs, the lettering was done by the legendary Gaspar Saladino and the story was the second part of the first ever Justice League of America and Justice Society of America team-up, the original Crisis!  This is where it all started.

What Happened To Bill Jaaska?

The recent reporting of the passing of Bill Jaaska got me thinking; the comic book industry, and the world, can be both cruel and fickle. I’m currently finding it hard to grasp that an artist such as Bill Jaaska can disconnect from the world, and both Marvel and DC, to the point where his death remained relatively unknown for months. I have to ask, what was Marvel and Dark Horse doing with his royalty cheques? His Hulk and X-Men work have remained in print since their were first published, in Visionary, Classic and Essential volumes, and will more than likely stay in print until Marvel close down. Did anyone ever bother to at least try and track him down?  Did anyone find him, or know where he was?  That he passed away penniless in a boarding house emphatically answers the last question, but another still remains; what happened to Bill Jaaska?

Bill lived his whole life in Milwaukee, which is where he died. His parents put him up for adoption at birth, while he was never offici…

Rich Buckler's Skywald Fan Informer Cover Art

I bought this cover art, as drawn by Rich Buckler in 1971 (dated) a while back.  At the time I was told that the image was of a character called 'The Moth', but, for the life of me, I could never find any details about either the character or the cover.  Faced with a lack of knowledge I decided to email Rich himself and ask him if he remembered the art, something I'm always loathe to do as it's one image from forty years ago.  The odds on anyone remembering that, especially someone as prolific as Rich, is always a needle in a haystack quest at the best of times.  Rich, to his credit, came back immediately with the following response, "It is indeed something that was drawn by me, from my early days at Skywald. It was Butterfly, a character I drew for them (but didn't create)--and I had given her a makeover (made her and supporting players more black). I also wrote the story (but not the final script) that dealt with the KKK and corrupt politicians.


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