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Bill Jaaska: 1961 - 2009

Sadly another artist has passed, and in tragic circumstances.  Bill Jaaska wasn't a name that everyone knew instantly, he wasn't a superstar artist by any stretch of the imagination, but he was solid enough to generate sales, and, in what is the worst aspect of this story, he slipped away quietly, with no fanfare at all, un-noticed in a boarding house.

Jaaska had some good runs in his all too short career as a journeyman comic book artist, including titles such as the Teen Titans, the Hulk and Sable. He popped up where people never expected to see him, did his job, and then moved on. He had some highlights, including a couple of issues of the Uncanny X-Men, at the time when Jim Lee and Co were starting to explode, same with his Hulk fills ins, which were done at a time when Dale Keown was beginning to set the title alight. But he never quite broke through and, like a lot of comic book artists, quietly faded away into obscurity and what appears to be relative poverty.

You c…

Dick Giordano In Hospital

Some very sad news has just crossed my desk and as well as posting it over at the Inkwell Awards site, I thought it might be worthwhile giving it a run here. Long-time DC Comics editor/artist Dick Giordano is in the hospital and is very ill, Well wishers can send cards and letters to him:
c/o Florida Hospital Oceanside,
264 S. Atlantic Ave.
Ormond Beach, FL 32176.

I urge everyone to send him a get well card and, like always, tell the man what you think of him, and how much he means to you, as an artist, and has done throughout the years. I've been wracking my brains to find something to write and have, instead, decided to run a recent article that I wrote for Dick's Hall Of Fame page at the Inkwell Awards web-site. Have a read and send Dick some well-wishes asap.

"Dick Giordano has done it all in the comics field, except perhaps writing. He is a superb penciler, as witness his Sarge Steel at Charlton, the Jonni Thunder he did with Dann and me at…

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