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Alas Poor Port, I Knew Them Horatio...

Port Adelaide FC supporters are an odd bunch of creatures. For decades they’ve been beating their chests about how proud they are to support such a successful club and, in a similar mode to virtually any one-eyed supporter base, they refuse to listen to any opposing viewpoint, especially if it’s to the detriment of their own club. Nothing new there, tell a Collingwood supporter that their side is crap and, if they don’t hit you first, they’ll sit there and bore you senseless with stories not only about how great they are, but how stupid you are for not supporting them. Same with Manchester United supporters, or Liverpool, or the New York Yankees, or the Green Bay Packers. And forget about having a reasonable debate with any Port supporter if you dare suggest that you support the hated foe, the Adelaide (Crows) FC.

Port have always gone it alone, to use a time honoured cliché. From their beginnings, through to the Golden Years of Fos Williams and the many premierships in the SANFL, thro…

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