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Original Art Stories: Jack Kirby: Mr Miracle's Early Days, Part II

A day or so ago I posted a four page Jack Kirby story that was inked by Vinnie Colletta. Don’t bother writing to me saying that Mike Royer inked the job because Mike himself has come out and said that he didn’t ink the pages in question, mind you how anyone can mistake Royers inks for Colletta and vice versa is beyond me, but there you have it. Meanwhile, on the Jack Kirby Yahoo list there’s been a bit of debate overt the relative merits of the art, in particular the inking, and the effectiveness of Colletta’s inking in general. It’s an age old debate, which started when the books first appeared, if not before. People either love Vinnie’s inking or they hate it – I’m in the camp that sits on the fence really. Vinnie was capable of doing some great work, but there are just too many examples of bad inking by the man for him to be classed as one of the all time greats. One comment, from the person known as ‘Dan McFan’ (not his real name), went along the lines of, “I think the inks are, a…

Original Art Stories: Jack Kirby: Mr Miracle's Early Days

It must be Original Art week. I started off with a review of the ‘Grailpages’ book, followed up with a look at the market, from where I sit, and am now continuing the theme with four pages of Jack Kirby art, currently up for auction over at Comic Link.

It’s funny because, as a child, I never appreciated Jack Kirby, well, not until I hit my teens and discovered a pile of old Fantastic Four and Avengers stories. However I was never able to get into the Fourth World material and it took me a long while to work out why. The stories are fine, and the art, for the most part, was stunning, but the dialogue just never sat with me. Still, comic book dialogue is not a medium that ages well, nor is it supposed to be realistic. Try getting into a fight and rambling all of that Chris Claremont dialogue one time – your head will be bleeding before you get a line out. People just don’t talk in real life like they do in a comic book, and there’s probably a good reason for that. In fact there are not m…

Original Art Stories: Wither Original Art?

Just following on from last weeks entry about original art and the overhyped 'Grailpages' book. This weekend I placed a bid on three pieces of art that I’d seen on eBay and wanted. The art consisted of three separate images as drawn by highly rated professional artists, with credits going back as far as the early ‘70s in two cases, and the mid ‘80s in the other. All of the art were excellent images and I’d like to think highly desirable. My bids were pretty much what I’d expect to pay the artists for the works, one a published pin-up for a book and the other two private commissions, one featuring one artists inking over a blue-line pencil image by a separate artist and the other a highly detailed pencil commission. I placed the bids in as a snipe, set the limits and sat back to wait, as is my standard practice. The bidding on the pages all reached a certain level and then ceased, and, as with almost any auction I bid on, I expected a sudden surge as several snipes were placed …

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