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Original Art Stories: Grailpages (Oh Dear...)

128 page Trade Paperback - By Steven Alan Payne
The blurb:
“Grailpages brings to light the burgeoning hobby of collecting the original, hand-drawn art that was used to create comic books! Beginning more as a novelty, the hobby of collecting original comic art has expanded to a point where some of the seminal pages commonly run more than $10,000 each! Author Steven Alan Payne allows you to meet collectors from around the globe and hear their passion in their own words, as they detail collections ranging from a few key pages, to broad, encompassing collections of literally hundreds of pages of original comic art by such artists as Jack Kirby, John Romita Sr., and others! Balancing out the narratives are incisive interviews with industry pros, including writers Gerry Conway, Steve Englehart, and Roy Thomas, and exclusive perspectives from Silver Age artists Dick Giordano, Bob McLeod, Ernie Chan, Tony DeZuniga, and the unparalleled great, Gene Colan! Completing the book is a div…

Random Photos Of Adelaide: Train Station 19/01/2010

I want to show off some of the sights that I see daily, the sights of Downtown Adelaide, so expect a few photos to go at random. This is the Adelaide Train Station, 8:20am, Tuesday, 19th January, 2010.

Adelaide Train Station at 1:00pm

Adelaide Train Station, outside rear, at 12:45pm.

Gentleman Jim Mooney: Early Reviews

I've passed out an early version of Gentleman Jim Mooney and asked for a few thoughts to come back. I'll share them over the coming days as I count down until the publication of the book.

Here's the first, from Bryan 'The Professor' Stroud, who runs the Silver Lantern web-site and who conducted one of the last ever interviews with Jim Mooney.
How do you encapsulate a life, particularly a long and rich one that touched many other lives, a life that lasted nearly nine decades and was gainfully employed across over six of those decades and indeed remained engaged to the end? And how do you do it in just over 100 pages? Well, Daniel Best has managed just that with his biography of “Gentleman Jim Mooney.”

As you’ll learn in this engaging effort, Jim Mooney began his career at a comic book artist right at the dawn of the industry in the 1940’s and never left it, though at times it left him. His “retirement” was anything but, and his freelance and commission …

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