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Rundle Mall Florist Fire, 8th January, 2010

Another local business bites the dust, sadly. This is the aftermath of a deliberately lit fire in Rundle Mall. Said fire was lit sometime between 3:00 and 3:30am, and by all accounts was captured on CCTV - and the same idiot tried to light another fire further down the other end of the Mall near the pigs - mind you it'd be no great loss if the pigs went up though. The end result? $30,000 worth of damage and a business that more than likely won't be re-starting again anytime soon. Such a shame as it was one of the more friendly of the Mall stands and always had chilled water on sale very cheaply, a necessity on days like this, along with a great selection of flowers and fresh fruit.

The Advertiser has some more details here, albeit light details.

Coming...31st January, 2010

As a digital download to begin with, but it's finished, being polished and is finally on it's way. No more book publishers, I'm doing this one myself. Ordering details to follow shortly, so spread the word.

Looking Back With RON WILSON

There's a complicated story behind this interview so do bear with me. It was done way back in June, 2006, but we moved house shortly after and the tape vanished in the move. For a long while I lamented the fact that I'd lost an interview with someone who really doesn't do interviews all that often, if at all, and, to me anyway, it was verging on being a crime. Then a few weeks ago, I found a box and inside the box I found a pile of cassettes. As I began to play them I suddenly discovered that in the box were a pile of tapes that I'd long given up on as being lost - interviews with artists and creators on a wide range of topics. I dared not hope that I'd find this tape, but when I did I cleaned it up, enhanced the audio and transcribed it as fast as I could.

Ron Wilson began at Marvel in the early 1970s, pencilling short horror stories. He rapidly moved to become a prolific cover artist and provided interior art to titles as varied as Power Man, The Avengers, F…

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