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UKCAC: 1987

One for people like my good mate Stevie.  This is how a comic convention programme should look - in fact call it a template.  Loaded with great art and features, if you can find it then buy it.  I certainly did - and it's packed with more great images than the ones on show here.

Original Art Stories: Dave Hunt, Inker

Dave Hunt is one of the most under-rated and overlooked inker to emerge from the 1970s. During his long career he managed to work over the pencils of artists such as Ross Andru, John Romita, John Byrne, Curt Swan, Kurt Scahffenberger, Gil Kane, George Tuska, Sal Buscema, Tom Morgan, Keith Giffen, George Perez, Jim Mooney, Don Newton and Keith Pollard, to name but a few. Hunt’s ink line was highly sympathetic to the pencil artist and he was always able to remain true to the artist he was working over at the same time as enhancing the strengths that existed and masking weaknesses. Along with Terry Austin, Hunt remains one of the best inkers to work with John Byrne at Marvel in the 1970s, providing a solid base for Byrne to build upon, and he performed the same service for Curt Swan at DC at the same time. Starting out as an assistant to both Mike Esposito and Frank Giacoia, some of Hunt’s first work was over the pencils of Ross Andru on The Amazing Spider-Man, indeed one of H

Merry Christmas...

Original Art Stories: Dave Simons & Bob Budiansky's Ghost Rider

Dave Simons would have been 56 today and, as I generally tend to do, I’d have posted a gushing tribute to Dave, who would have promptly emailed me and asked me why I was wasting time and space. It was a game we played, he’d downplay his stature and abilities, and I’d always remind him that a lot of people had the greatest respect for his abilities. It was gentle, good natured banter and I miss it a lot. Dave used to remind me that some of his best work was done in collaboration with others. Be it his work with Rags Morales, Gene Colan, John Buscema – all artists who Dave respected – or those who people called ‘lesser lights’, Dave would point out that rarely are great, or even good, things done alone. He loved collaboration and there were many on his list that he wanted to work with, sadly it would never be. If I pointed out his strengths he’d take the praise but then put it into perspective by saying he wasn’t as good a penciler as John Buscema or as good an inker as Tom Palmer

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