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Sneak Peek: Neal Adams Batman Odyssey

That's right, 2010 will see an all new Batman project, written and drawn by none other than Neal Adams .  Now that the pages have been posted , I thought I'd share them here too. The official blurb from DC is as follows:  BATMAN: ODYSSEY #1 On sale JULY 7 • 1 of 6 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US Written by NEAL ADAMS • Art and cover by NEAL ADAMS • 1:25 sketch variant cover by NEAL ADAMS Legendary Batman artist and comics pioneer Neal Adams returns to Gotham City with the first issue of two 6-part miniseries! In this electrifying new story, The Dark Knight faces a series of seemingly unrelated challenges as villains and allies old and new push him to his limits like never before. After Batman discovers a dark and mysterious matrix being superimposed over his life, what sort of life-changing voyage must he embark on to escape from this powerful and insidious force? Be here to find out as Adams writes and illustrates his next masterpiece Batman tale! -------------- After seeing t

From The Desk Of Rich Buckler: Part V - Deathlok

Welcome to Part V of the life story of Rich Buckler !  Following on from Part IV , Rich discusses the creation of one of his most famous creations, Deathlok.  Keep watching this series as there's some exciting news that, once the ducks are all lined up in a row, will thrill a lot of people.  If you enjoy reading these articles, and if you like the art you're looking at, then feel free to contact Rich directly and arrange a commissio n .  Rich's schedule is fairly open right at the moment and Rich is more than capable of doing some stunning work.  Give it some serious consideration and spread the word. In the meantime, sit back and enjoy Rich Buckler's life story, exclusive to this blog. ---------------------------- Deathlok In creating Deathlok, what I came up with was so surreal and "out of left field" that I wondered if it even fit in with Marvel's universe of super-heroes. Actually, I strongly suspected that he wouldn't. He

Original Art Stories: The 1973 F.O.O.M Art Contest

There's a reason why I love keeping and reading old fanzines and the like. One of the main reasons is that they're so bloody hard to come by here in Australia, or, at least, they were. In the 1970s I kept hearing about this thing called F.O.O.M (Friends Of Ol' Marvel), but until the 1980s I'd never seen it.  I was very happy to finally get the chance to start buying issues of it, along with other magazines that I'd only ever heard about, such as Amazing World Of DC, Marvelmania and several others. When I finally sat down to read them there were several delights in store.  In a way I'm glad I reached a certain age before I began to read them as I could appreciate them more, and find the nuances that Steranko, and later, Tony Isabella and others, all placed into the magazine.  One of my favourite parts though would have to be the art contest of 1973.  Announced in the first issue, the contest called for anyone and everyone to send in their own creations, eithe

Gene Colan Update

Well the elephant in the room is finally out in the open.  Rich Johnson has just posted information about Gene Colan and his situation that a few people have been privvy to for a while now.  It's worth sharing if only to warn others about the issues of male domestic violence. From Rich's site, Bleeding Cool : There have been a number of rumours, counter-rumours, briefings, deleted posts and whisperings regarding the state of Gene Colan, 83, his health and wealth and his property of late. This is an attempt to bring some clarity to proceedings, after speaking to a number of sources close to Gene and his associates. Last December, Gene Colan's wife Adrienne, 67, entered a mental health facility in New York after an alleged self-harming incident, but was released soon afterwards. Previously, she had run Gene Colan's business affairs but after this event both their children, Eric and Nanci, became involved in that role and took it over fully in March. Then on

Original Art Stories: Neal Adams, Alan Kupperberg & Gerry Turnbull - If Only...

Courtesy of Gerry Turnbull.  The art is penciled by Neal Adams and inked by Alan Kupperberg, and was done sometime in the 1970s.  Terrific stuff and I have to say that I'm very darn happy that I finally have reached one of my art goals, owning an original Neal Adams Superman! So many thanks Gerry, for showing me what might have been, if only...

Original Art Stories: Trevor Von Eeden's Grimm Batman

GRIMM BATMAN: LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT Issues #149 - #153 Launched in 1989 as a stand-alone title following the huge popularity of the Tim Burton Batman movie, Batman: Legends Of The Dark Knight was initially different from mainstream Batman titles and was the first on-going Batman title to debut since the main title, batman, debuted in 1940. The concept of the title was to showcase constantly rotating creative teams, whom would work no more than five issue arcs to produce stories of graphic novel quality. Best of all the creative teams could have carte blanche as they could feature stories that were not necessarily part of current continuity, but could be considered canon in the characters history. This meant that each team could pick an era of the Batman’s career and work within that time frame and not be bound by current events in the mainstream Batman titles. Eventually events of the book would impact upon other Batman comics, most memorably with Denny O'Neil's sto

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