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Original Art Stories: Steve Ditko's Mr A: $38,837.50

What makes this splash page worth $38,837.50? I kid you not, that's what this art just sold for in the last Heritage auction. It's a lovely Steve Ditko splash page, from one of his most personal pieces of work and, if you've seen Watchmen and have read Mr A, you'd know that there's a very highly likelihood that Mr A, along with another Ditko creation, The Question, can be considered to be the inspiration behind Rorshach. Still, $38,000+? That's a fair chunk off a small house. It's a brand new car, and it's an amount that would have snared you the following Ditko pieces in the same auction, with change.

Ghostly Haunts #24 - original cover art. This sold for $1,971.75. A lovely Charlton cover from 1972. Ok, so it's not one of Ditko's own creations, and you can argue that it is Charlton and not Marvel, or DC, but it is a cover that's pushing 40 years old. And, even better, it sold for a fraction of the price of the Mr A. I've seen …

Ghosts Of West Indies Past

I'd like to remind the West Indies, and their Test Cricket hating captain, that they carry with them a lot of history and baggage from test series past, so at least try to put up a fight, or provide some entertainment. This has to be the first ever Adelaide test that I not only have no desire to go and watch, but can't be bothered to at least catch the first session on television. I found these two B&W photos in a scrapbook documenting the legendary 1960-61 Australia v West Indies test series that I recently purchased. This was a series that defined the way cricket would be played between the two giants for decades to come, but, sadly, even with the presence of Joel 'Big Bird' Garner in the tour side (albeit as team manager), the current team is anything but world class. Gerner would do worse than to sit these guys down with some footage of classic matches from the '60s, '70s, '80s and '90s and see the reaction. Let them see the likes of Wes Ha…

Three Of The Best

I wrote about one of these comics back in February 2007, but I've decided to revisit and update it, but hey, why not use some old text?

First up is an absolute classic. Titled 'The Phantom Zone' and published in October 1982, this 96 page giant reprints the entire Phantom Zone mini-series by Steve Gerber and Gene Colan, in glorious black and white! It rarely gets better in comics books - Gerber and Colan - and this one comic is proof why we Australians were utterly spoiled when it came to reprint comics. The American originals cost $0.60 each - that'd be an investment of $2.40 for the entire four issues. In colour. And, as we all know, Gene doesn't look anywhere near as sweet in colour as he does black and white, in magazine format to boot. So this was a cheaper, and, in my own opinion, a better way to obtain the story.

You can say what you want about the physical quality of the 1970s and '80s Australian reprint comics, and some of it might well be valid, b…

Dr Fate in Smallville: Absolute Justice!

I seriously have to start watching Smallville again. Truth be known, I was never that much of a Dr Fate fan until Keith Giffen began to write him, and then when Kevin Maguire drew him in the revamped Justice League...oh Lord! So you can imagine my genuine surprise, and joy, at seeing this spoiler for a forthcoming Smallville movie length episode.

Written by Geoff Johns, Smallville: Absolute Justice is set to air in the USA on Feb. 5th, 2010. Hopefully I won't have to wait too much longer after that to catch it And I do hope they don't stuff up Fate.

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