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Atlas/Seaboard Down Under

This document has been spawned out of a growing interest in both the American publisher Atlas and its connection with the Australian publisher Gredown. This essay will explain just who Gredown were and what they published, and how their output is important, not only to Australian comic book collectors, but also worldwide collectors. It will also detail what comics reprinted Atlas within Australia and also where to track down the unpublished in America Atlas stories by Bandia Romereo, Walter Simonson and Howard Nostrand. The relevant copyright and contact details will follow the main text.

If you want a copy of this article with more images, then you can download it via our main web-site. The images include all the covers to the comics, plus some images from the unpublished stories. The above link will take you another link for the pdf file, but, if you're really lazy, here's that link too!

Atlas (also known as Atlas/Seaboard) was formed by Martin Goo…

Michael Netzer Returns!

But then he never really went away. Michael Netzer, the genuis behind the Facebook Virtual Comic Con, has proved once more why he's one of the more interesting people on the planet, has re-invented his web-site again. I think I've lost track of how many times, but damn, as always it's well worth looking at and exploring.

Visit his new portal at:

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