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Comic Art Auction To Benefit Philippine Typhoon Victims

This just came in from artist Greg LaRocque:

This last month typhoon Ketsana and super typhoon Parma slammed into the Philippines. Flooding hit Metro Manila killing hundreds and displacing thousands of families. Untold millions of property damage has left the city reeling. Rains have continued and not only hampered rescue efforts but caused more misery and death as mud slides have taken out entire towns. Death count now is estimated to be over 500 as rescue efforts continue and those living in emergency evacuation centers over 300,000.

Comic book artist Greg LaRocque and his family are seeking your help. With the assistance of fellow comic artists, friends and fans, they have begun this fund raising effort. Original art pages, prints and sketches were collected at this years Baltimore Comicon and are available here for you to bid on. The comic book community has come together at this time of need and hope you will participate in this auction. You will find some fantastic pieces by some …

R.I.P: George Tuska: 1916 - 2009

This email just came in from Dewey Cassell:
"George Tuska, renowned Golden and Silver Age comic book artist, passed away around midnight on October 16, 2009. He was 93 years old. George Tuska was born on April 26, 1916, the son of Russian immigrants. He attended the National Academy of Design and in 1939 went to work for Will Eisner in the studio he shared with Jerry Iger. Tuska later worked for Harry "A" Chesler, Fiction House and Standard Publishing. He was drafted into World War II and served in the 100th Division at Fort Jackson drawing artillery plans. Following the war, he achieved notoriety working for Lev Gleason illustrating Crime Does Not Pay, a true-crime comic book with a monthly circulation of over one million copies. When the advent of the Comics Code brought an end to the violent comics of the fifties, George turned to newspaper comic strips, drawing first Scorchy Smith and later Buck Rogers. He also did some work for Tower Comics on the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Age…

Paty Cockrum Needs Your Help!

From Clifford Meth:
She'll be annoyed at me for saying anything, but what are friends for? Paty Cockrum--Dave's widow and retired Marvel Comics Bullpen colorist and penciller (as Paty Greer)--had an unexpected tax bill courtesy of Uncle Sam that's a bit more than she can handle at the moment. To help offset the burden, I'm lowering the already low prices on Dave Cockrum's personal comics collection, which I sell for the estate (proceeds typically benefit a scholarship at the Joe Kubert School; this time they benefit Paty).

Please click here to see what's for sale, make a list of the books you'd like, and drop me an email at -- I'll make you an offer you can't refuse.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in there and buy some damned fine comics from the collection of one of the creators of the New X-Men (frankly, is there anything better?) and help out Paty at the same time. I know there's people that read thi…

Looking Back With Vic Carrabotta

Vic Carrabotta is a relatively unknown name to the bulk of the comic buying public, but that's not due to the quality of his work, but rather the quantity. After meeting Stan Lee with a letter of reference from Jack Kirby, Vic began working at Timely in the early 1950s and remained there until the now famous 'Implosion' that saw many creators thrown out of work. Unlike the bulk of the artists from the Golden Age, once Vic left the comic book field in the late 1950s he never returned, instead forging a career in advertising, illustration, design and storyboards.

Once Vic left the comic book industry he never really looked back. Vic managed to parlay his illustration skills to excellent effect, becoming an award winning advertising illustrator and earning the nick-name 'Quick Vic' due to his speed in meeting deadlines. A short list of companies that have benefited from Vics conceptual and illustration skills can be found on his web-site, and they include compani…

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