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George Tuska Officially Retires

Dewey Cassell has just sent this email out to the world at large notifying people that, sad to say, George Tuska has officially retired.

"Citing his age, George Tuska has decided to no longer do any active drawing or commission work," says Dewey, "he feels that he would rather stop drawing than to produce work not up to his usual standards. He will be spending his remaining time with family and friends enjoying life! At 93 he feels it's time to retire!"

George Tuska is a name that virtually anyone who's ever read Marvel or DC comics and is over the age of 40 knows instantly. He did some brilliant, if very under-rated and understated, work at both Marvel and DC and left his mark on characters such as Iron Man, Luke Cage, The Avengers, Batman and the Justice League of America. During a lengthy and illustrious career which began in the 1940s and continued into the 1990s he managed to draw virtually every character that both of the big companies had to offer, a…

Johnny O'Keefe's Cardigan!

Back when Johnny O'Keefe was the Wild One, he took to looking more like the Mild One instead with ads like this one - flogging off some tasteless Clan Murray knitted cardigan. I guess he had to pay for the booze, drugs and women somehow...and you'd look happy too if you'd just dropped a pile of speed and knew that you'd had a better than decent chance of having casual sex with the model behind you. Somehow I doubt he wore this Italian Collared Bulky Knit when he started screaming those legendary lines:
Well I'm-a just outa school, like I'm real real cool
Gotta shake, gotta jive
Got the message that I gotta be alive, I'm a wild one
Ooh yay I'm a wild one
Oo-oo-ooh baby, gonna break loose, I'm gonna keep her movin' wild
I'm gonna keep her shakin' baby, I'm a real wild child

Anyway, JOK, we miss ya!

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