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Superman Lives! Thankfully, No!

Have a peek at the above video carefully. That is supposedly the costume test for the aborted Superman Lives film, which was in production for a number of years, and for which Tim Burton pocketed a cool five million dollars, with Nic Cage getting two million just for his autograph, oh, and to pose in a costume that you’d expect to see at a sex party, and a few others (such as Kevin ‘Silent Bob’ Smith) shared in a kitty worth an estimated $50,000,000. That’s right - $50,000,000 for a movie that never appeared.

I, for one, believe that $50,000,000 was well spent. I mean, think of what might have been. Trust me, that’d not be a film you’d want to see, and not for the efforts of the film-makers themselves.

On the surface of things a super-hero movie scripted by Smith, directed by Burton and starring Cage might not be such a bad thing. All three have links to the genre, hell when Cage changed his name from Coppolla to Cage, he took his last name from the comic book character Luke Cage –…

Tom Grindberg #2 - Conan & Batman

More Grindberg art for people to check out. Now I've never really noticed this before until now, but a lot of Tom's Batman and Conan preliminaries are very, very reminiscent of John Buscema's rough pencil sketches. I found myself looking at a few of those Batman preliminaries and thinking about Tom and his art background, so I've decided to request an interview with the man - hopefully he'll accept. I'll be honest and say that I wasn't the greatest fan of his 1990s work, which I knew mainly from his work on Warlock and Infinity Crusade, along with the Silver Surfer, but these little bits and pieces that I've been picking up recently have given me an all new angle of appreciation. Certainly his preliminary art is fairly different to the published (end) result.

In the meantime, his most recent work is the just published Thor annual - which I don't have yet, but will be tracking down and checking it out. Until then...

Tom Grindberg #1 - Conan

Just showcasing some of Tom Grindberg's very interesting preliminary art. Come tomorrow I'll give you an observation or eight...

Magill Road, 4pm, Monday 21/09/2009


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