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Original Art Stories: Mr T And Working For Free!

This one is a doozy! Before we go any further it's probably a good idea to read this post, albeit over ten years old, from Mark Evanier. Once you're done pop back and we'll discuss some parts of it in detail and look at a very disturbing series of claims that are currently floating around the internet.

Back already? Good.

Recently a number of artists and would be artists received this email in their inbox from an on-line publisher named Mohawk Media. Mohawk, whose domain name was registered by one Christopher Bunting, claim to be publishing comics, merchandise and concepts based upon Mr T. Here's the text of the email, which wasn't signed by Bunting:

Hi everyone!

Hope you don't mind us jumping out at you like this, but it is with the potential offer for work!

We need a bunch of artists to create concept and design work for us. For free.

However - it is only for free initially. As and when any revenue is generated, you will get a nice royalty payme…

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