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Trevor Von Is Now LIVE

It's now official. After months of hard work and preparation the official web-site for artist/writer Trevor Von Eeden is now LIVE!! On the site you'll find previously unseen art, a massive section devoted to the genesis of Black Lightning, scripts, pencil art and much, much more. Trevor has also supplied a lot of behind the scenes material in the form of memories and more, so visit and keep going back - more will be going up all the time.

Horwitz Strange Tales #6: Bramley vs Kirby

I was very, very happy to get this one in the mail this morning. This is issue #6 of the Horwitz series, Strange Tales and the book is virtually a straight reprint of Journey Into Mystery #88.

The best part about this comic is the cover - but then I believe that the Maurice Bramley covers are always the best things about the Horwitz books and this is no exception. The cover itself is not so much a Bramley swipe, but an adaption of the original splash page as drawn by Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers. The key, as it is with virtually all of Bramley's covers, is in the detail. You could argue, and probably quite successfully, that Kirby's original art is very dynamic, but it does lack the sheer detail that Bramley managed to insert into his cover - and if you think I'm joking then check out the detail, even down to the boots.

The one aspect that does let Bramley down is the static pose that he's placed Thor in. His Loki works far better but this is still a splendid cover fr…

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