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Black Diamond: My Adventures In KISS-Land

This week an unexpected book arrived in the mail, I say unexpected not because I didn't think I'd get a comp copy, but unexpected because I didn't think that it'd ever happen - the 10th anniversary edition of Dale Sherman's excellent Kiss biography, Black Diamond.

Dale had contacted me mid last year to tell me that the publisher of the original two books wanted to re-issue the first volume in an expanded and re-written format. That sounded like a damn good idea to me and I replied to Dale that it's an authors dream to revisit work after an extended period of time with the view of fixing any errors and bringing it all up to date. This week I put aside a few hours and sat down and read the book. It's a cracking read and I recommend it to anyone who has a passing interest in Kiss as it sits there on the shelf as a companion to David Leaf's overview and the view of Kiss by Gene Simmons. Black Diamond isn't always complimentary towards the band, but…

The Holiest Of Grails

On the surface of things this just looks like another tacky fibre-optic lamp, and, in a way, I guess it is just that. To me though it's been one of my life's quests, the holiest of holy grails.

We had this lamp in our lounge room back in the mid 1970s when I was growing up. I've taken this image - probably the only one I have of the lamp, from an old Instamatic photo of me and my brothers from Christmas one year, going on the look of us I'd hazard a guess and say it must have been around 1974 or '75. As we're all smiling I'd not date it much later, plus I recall we got rid of the trashy white Christmas tree around that time (trust me, I don't want that). I never knew what happened to the whale lamp though, but somewhere down the track it found it's way into the bin and I've never seen one since. I've looked and looked, shown the photo to many a dealer but to no avail - most people have never heard of one, let alone seen one. I've se…

Original Art Stories: Glenelg v Sturt, August 4th, 1928: Frank Koch

What do I know about the SANFL in 1928? Not much. I do know that Glenelg's Jim Handby won that years Magarey Medal, the real Port Adelaide (that's the Magpies, not the Power) won the premiership, Ken Farmer* - the man who should be considered the best full forward ever (after all he kicked more goals at senior level than anyone else in either AFL, VFL, SANFL or otherwise) - made his debut for North Adelaide and on August the 4th Glenelg beat the living suitcase out of Sturt. How do I know the latter? That'd be due to the art above.

The image above is proof that you can find the most curious oddities anywhere really. The above image was drawn and presumably coloured by noted Adelaide artist Frank Koch and is signed by Koch. The line work isn't original, but the colours, which fit perfectly on the art are original, however it is known that Koch worked mainly in the black and white medium. Even so the art, which dates from, well, 1928, is a lovely period piece indee…

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