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The Dave & Paty Cockrum Scholarship

The Dave & Paty Cockrum Scholarship for a gifted comic art student was established last year at the Joe Kubert School and will be presented again this April. To fund the scholarship, comics are sold from Dave Cockrum's personal collection, including Dave's X-Men file copies. Please visit to view the comics that are available. There's some damn fine comics avaliable, and hey - they're Dave's own copies, so by buying on you not only contribute to a worthy cause but you're also able to own a comic that Dave once not only owned, but held and read, and, depending on the comic, I expect he read them several times over. What better connection and bragging rights can you have?

Clifford Meth will personally present the scholarship again this April at the Kubert School.

Dave Simons: Update

This is the best update I could ever post. Dave has returned home after being discharged from hospital. He is still weak and recovering and isn't out of the woods just yet, but this is a very positive sign indeed.

Dave is tired, as can be expected, and he's asked that people not call him for the next week or so while he gathers his strength and energies.

Feel free to send cards and by all means do donate to the Dave Simons Appeal. Every little bit will help, and it's all needed right now.

Donate art or signed books (with values of at least $10) for a series of on-going auctions designed to benefit Dave. Items should be sent to Dave’s art rep, Bob Shaw. There is an eBay account set up (Help_Dave_Simons) and auctions are active. These auctions will proceed as items come in; all money will go directly to Dave. Items should be sent to: Bob Shaw, PO Box 650, Derry, NH, 03038 - USA.

As news comes to hand I'll be sure to post it here. People are asking what they can do assist, t…

Book Excerpt: Gentleman Jim Mooney: The 1940's - Batman

(In 2006 Norm Breyfogle inked a Batman sketch as drawn by Jim Mooney, thus creating a tangible link between two classic Batman artists - this is their only collaboration and was created exclusively for the Jim Mooney biography)

In this third part of the on-going excepts of the as yet unpublished Jim Mooney biography, Jim talks about how he found himself working for DC drawing Batman and life during the 1940s.

You can read the first two excerpts from the Mooney biography here (Part I) and here (Part II).



Batman first appeared in Detective Comics #27 in May 1939. Although the character was co-created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger, only Kane receives official credit for the character. Batman was, at first, just one of several characters featured in Detective Comics. He has since become one of the world's most well-known comic-book characters, along with Superman. Although unlike many superheroes he does not possess super-human powers or a…

Potted Review: No Line On The Horizon

If you liked U2's previous two albums then read no further. Go, play them and enjoy them. Seriously. They're exceptional albums, for Simple Minds*, but they're just not that good as U2 albums. Both of them were far too uneven, with all too brief moments of greatness and far too many moments of mediocrity. Their new album, No Line On The Horizon, will soon be counted amongst their best efforts. It's an album to ranked in the upper echelon of their catalogue, alongside The Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby. And I'm not saying that lightly. So, if you like the previous albums, I doubt you'll like this, in the same way that people fled the band in droves when Achtung Baby was released simply because it wasn't Rattle & Hum or The Joshua Tree.

Since 2001 each U2 album has accompanied by a series of press releases hailing it as being the 'Best U2 Album Ever'. Sadly this has become a joke, but then we know that no artist or record company will ever c…

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