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Panel Madness: On The Seventh Day

I have to admit I was somewhat taken aback with surprise when I was approached by Plok who runs the excellent Trout In The Milk blog (if you've not read it then you're missing out) to be one of the contributors to his daring exercise in blogging cross pollination, Panel Madness. The idea appeared to be a simple one, for a week six separate writers would do a daily entry each with the same theme, that theme being comic book panel art. That was all there was to it.

I deliberately didn't read anyone else's entry until mine was totally finished because I knew that if I did then I'd change what I'd done and throw it all out the window. That's the beauty of this project, none of the writers have spoken to each other, well, at least I haven't, and as such we've all got very different ideas. I have read all the other entries now and I hope mine comes close to be as entertaining and informative as theirs are. Go and read them before you read mine and yo…

Dave Simons: Update

Just so people know. Dave Simons is still in hospital after a violent reaction to medication late last week. Dave's condition is now listed as being serious, but stable, and the outlook is that he will make a recovery with the right treatment. Dave was moved from the ICU a short time ago, and his overall recovery and rehabilitation will be a long process. I've spoken to Dave and he is aware that people are wishing him well.

If you want to send your best wishes to Dave then send him a card, either via Bob Shaw or care of his hospital:
Dave Simons
Christ Hospital
176 Palisade Avenue
Jersey City, New Jersey 07306

Please, no phone calls or visitors at the moment. Dave's family is with him constantly and this is an uphill struggle, as people can well appreciate. Feel free to send cards and by all means do donate to the Dave Simons Appeal. Every little bit will help, and it's all needed right now.

Donate art or signed books (with values of at least $10) for a series of on-go…

Hart Amos, The Mystery Artist & Captain Atom's Ring

I doubt I'm stepping on the toes of Spiros Xenos here when I present the first cover here. I'm not going to belabour it with a pile of text, rather I just want to show it off. It's a Hart Amos cover for the comic Super Adventure Comic #61. No real reason to show it off other than to show the world that there were some genuine talents in the Australian comic book scene back in the 1950s.

Now this second comic, Western Roundup #4, has me stumped as to who the cover artist is. I'm assuming that the artist is an Australian, and what's throwing me is that the style looks very much like Maurice Bramley, but I doubt that it is him. Bramley's backgrounds were usually more detailed and not as rough. Indeed, to me anyway, this almost looks like what I expect a Bramley preliminary to look. If anyone has any idea then I'd be very keen to know. Have a peek, the scan is a nice, high resolution scan indeed.

Published by Atlas (Australia) this comic features Gene Aut…

'Nuff Said...And Long Overdue


15 Albums

This came to me via Facebook, but I liked it so much that I thought I'd share with those who have no desire to look over on that application. The idea was to find 15 albums that, "that had a profound effect. Dug into your soul. Music that brought you to life when you heard it. Royally affected you, kicked you in the wasu, literally socked you in the gut, is what I mean. If I tagged you, try it yourself." I found it hard to limit myself to merely 15, but hey, best laid plans of mice and/or men often yadda yadda yadda. Read on.

DANNY’S NOTE: Only 15? That ain’t gonna be easy but the following 15 albums are never far from me. Mind you I could do this all day and never repeat an album. I’ve limited myself to one album by any one artist and no greatest hits. Even so I’m missing a lot of albums that I love to listen to. I couldn’t stop at 15, hence the tie for 15th spot. I'm not sure that these albums changed my life, but they've cer…

Dave Simons: Update

A quick update on Dave Simons. News has come to hand that Dave has been hospitalised with stomach issues. When I last spoke to Dave he had complained about an upset stomach but was in high spirits and appeared in good health. It is frustrating that the hospital is not releasing news about Dave's status in the short term, but I should have an update in the coming hours.

UPDATE: I've just received this email from Dave's sister, Bette, "I was able to talk with Dave briefly just a short while ago. He seemed to be doing better and the cause of his pain was discovered. The hospital was able to find a medication that appears to be helping. The conversation was short and details are sketchy. He will be staying the night so that his condition can be monitored. He was very weak but I did hear definite improvement over earlier this morning and certainly over yesterday."

As more news comes to hand I'll be sure to post it here. People are asking what they can do …

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