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Facebook Comic Con is Here! Free Sketches!!

If you've ever wondered why I firmly believe that Michael Netzer has vision and drive beyond our comprehension then wonder no further and read on McDuff...

Facebook Comic Con is an unofficial virtual comics convention at Facebook. Inspired by Ed Reliuga, FBCC hopes to provide a 'convention away from conventions' environment. For the countless comics professionals and fans on Facebook.

As an incentive to launch this effort and enlist as many fans and pros as possible, founder Michael Netzer is offering a free virtual convention sketch to the first 1,000 members to register at the con and who request a sketch. Requests will be accepted as a wall post on events page for this offer, in this group. Sketches will be uploaded to photos section in low rez web format. High rez files for printing will be emailed to everyone wishing them.

Let's get the show on the road with an effort to inform every comics fan (and non-comics fans) about it. Tell your friends …

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