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File Under Coming Soon: Trevor Von Eeden

Hot on the heels of the Armando Gil web-site (and I've updated that with new art) is the all new site from the ACAB web-world...none other than Trevor Von Eeden! I have to admit that I get the same feeling from this site as I do from Armando and the others - Trevor is a genuine legend in the comic book industry - hell, he co-created Black Lightning, and if that's all he did, and not those stunning Green Arrow and Batman stories back in the day, then he'd be fondly remembered. But there's more, loads more. Wait til you see some of the art I've got lined up for this one...more news as it comes to hand.

Normally I'd Not Bother, But...

Image's a cause close to my heart.

I'm sick and tired of being run off the road, nearly run over and terrorised by idiots driving 4WD's in the city streets, so I've decided to open my own little Facebook group called South Australians Wanting To Ban Those Pieces of Crap 4WD's From Adelaide. The description says, "Sick and tired of seeing those shitty Burnside Buses, or the Norwood Cabbies driving along the city streets spewing pollution, causing accidents because they can't bloody drive anyway and you can't see past them when turning. I'm not the only one who's sick of being stuck behind one of these clueless twats who think they rule the roads so let's get together and raise numbers to have ALL 4WD's banned from the streets of Adelaide. Generally it's one person driving them, no passengers outside of a gay Poodle and they're utterly useless. And let's face it, only arrogant wankers drive them."

In all seriousness, there…

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