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Dr Fate in Smallville: Absolute Justice!

I seriously have to start watching Smallville again. Truth be known, I was never that much of a Dr Fate fan until Keith Giffen began to write him, and then when Kevin Maguire drew him in the revamped Justice League ...oh Lord! So you can imagine my genuine surprise, and joy, at seeing this spoiler for a forthcoming Smallville movie length episode. Written by Geoff Johns, Smallville: Absolute Justice is set to air in the USA on Feb. 5th, 2010. Hopefully I won't have to wait too much longer after that to catch it And I do hope they don't stuff up Fate.

Atlas/Seaboard Down Under

This document has been spawned out of a growing interest in both the American publisher Atlas and its connection with the Australian publisher Gredown. This essay will explain just who Gredown were and what they published, and how their output is important, not only to Australian comic book collectors, but also worldwide collectors. It will also detail what comics reprinted Atlas within Australia and also where to track down the unpublished in America Atlas stories by Bandia Romereo, Walter Simonson and Howard Nostrand. The relevant copyright and contact details will follow the main text. If you want a copy of this article with more images, then you can download it via our main web-site . The images include all the covers to the comics, plus some images from the unpublished stories. The above link will take you another link for the pdf file, but, if you're really lazy, here's that link too ! A SHORT HISTORY OF ATLAS Atlas (also known as Atlas/Seaboard) was formed by Martin

Michael Netzer Returns!

But then he never really went away. Michael Netzer , the genuis behind the Facebook Virtual Comic Con , has proved once more why he's one of the more interesting people on the planet, has re-invented his web-site again. I think I've lost track of how many times, but damn, as always it's well worth looking at and exploring. Visit his new portal at:

Edward Woodward: 1930 - 2009

Sadly just over a week since I praised the virtues of Breaker Morant and it's star Edward Woodward, news has come in announcing his passing . Star of many movies and television shows, notably Morant and The Wicker Man, Wodward slipped away from us last night due to a "number of illnesses including pneumonia". Such a shame that one so talented, and such a powerhouse on the screen, should go so quietly, but then he earned that right. There was a funny side to Woodward's intensity though. At the same time that he made Morant he also appeared in a series of commercials for a South Australian company called Craftwood, who are now long gone. The ads showed a deadly serious Woodward explaining the benefits of the product and had the punchline of, "Who would? Craftwood would, or my name isn't Edward Woodward." I always found that amusing, his delivery was spot on and I always wondered if he didn't crack up as soon as the word "Cut" was yelle

The Invincible Gene Colan...Order Now!

From the blog of my good friend Clifford Meth : ----------------------- You're hearing it here first... Marvel Entertainment will release my 128-pg. THE INVINCIBLE GENE COLAN in February, 2010, a visual biography of one of the most brilliant, sublime and influential comic artists in the history of the genre. Includes observations from Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, Neil Gaiman, Walter Simonson, Marv Wolfman, Tom Palmer, Steve Gerber, Tom Spurgeon and John Romita Sr., and beautiful, eye-popping art from the Shadow Master himself. Aardwolf Publishing will have exclusive signed/numbered copies as well as an extremely limited double-lettered remarqued, book-plated edition (containing a unique Colan sketch). If you want one of these, I urge you to order it immediately. Here’ the details: * Signed/numbered: $60 plus $5 shipping * Double-lettered remarqued edition (contains Colan sketch; only 52 will be created): $140 plus $5 shipping * Special offer: With any order, add another $15 and receive T

Mini Posters: Johnny Cash vs The Poseidon Adventure

One of the more interesting parts of my movie memorabilia collection are these little mini-posters which, as far as I'm aware, originate from the UK. Most of them are two sided and were issued to theatres to place in the lobby to promote upcoming films that were relevant to the cinema in question - hence two totally different movies would be featured. Generally they featured movies from the same genre but every now and then I come across one that is just too bizarre for words. This is one such example . I've seen the original Poseidon Adventure - hell, who, over the age of thirty five hasn't? It's one of the ( unintentionally ) funniest movies this side of Earthquake really and a hoot to watch. I love it. The less said about it the better, but the movie on the other side of this poster is more interesting to me really - Johnny Cash's The Gospel Road. I've never seen it. I think the closest I've come to seeing it was watching Dewey Cox about a month ago

Lobby Cards: Breaker Morant & King Of The Coral Sea

Anyone who knows me well enough knows I have a genuine passion for motion pictures. I think I know more about film than I do most anything, and that includes comic books and music. Don't believe me, ask anyone that's ever questioned me on the topic. I've watched Oscar broadcasts since I can remember (and been disgusted by most) and can happily tell you where the Academy has gotten it wrong and why. In my own opinion, of course. Part of this passion has seen me amass a rather sizable collection of motion picture related memorabilia. I have daybills going back to the 1930s, advertisements, full sized posters, photos and lobby cards. I don't just select one genre and stick to it, although I'm starting to think that I really do need to diversify, if only to stay on top of the collection. So, as I sit here on a warm Sunday morning, I thought to myself, "Self," I thought, "why not share some of the more hard to find items?" And I answered, why

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