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Original Art Stories: Glenelg v Sturt, August 4th, 1928: Frank Koch

What do I know about the SANFL in 1928? Not much. I do know that Glenelg's Jim Handby won that years Magarey Medal, the real Port Adelaide (that's the Magpies, not the Power) won the premiership, Ken Farmer* - the man who should be considered the best full forward ever (after all he kicked more goals at senior level than anyone else in either AFL, VFL, SANFL or otherwise) - made his debut for North Adelaide and on August the 4th Glenelg beat the living suitcase out of Sturt . How do I know the latter? That'd be due to the art above. The image above is proof that you can find the most curious oddities anywhere really. The above image was drawn and presumably coloured by noted Adelaide artist Frank Koch and is signed by Koch. The line work isn't original, but the colours, which fit perfectly on the art are original, however it is known that Koch worked mainly in the black and white medium. Even so the art, which dates from, well, 1928, is a lovely period piec

Dave Simons: The Appeal - Walter Simonson Manhunter & Batman!

You're not seeing things...this is one of the most incredible Walter Simonson illustrations you're ever likely to see. Walt has done this drawing for the Dave Simons Appeal and it is on eBay for auction now . You may never get another chance because I expect whoever ends up buying this one will be holding onto it for a number of decades to come. Go ahead, click on it and see the detail. Walt has stated that this is the first time he's drawn Dan Kingdom/The Enforcer since the original Manhunter series finished. He also says that there are no Manhunter illustrations of this quality anywhere outside of his own collection - what more do you want? Keep checking the Dave Simons eBay auctions for more information. That art is to die for! Thanks Walt!

Facebook Comic Con Gala Premiere Welcome Address

Michael Netzer's inspiring opening speech and view. The Facebook Comic Con has taken on a life all of it's own. From the first time I first reported on it until now it's grown at a rapid rate with many people coming together, making contacts, networking and generally establishing, and in some cases re-establishing, themselves in the comic book community at large. The idea of a comic book convention that knows no boundries, physical or otherwise, is unique and it takes someone with vision and drive to make it all happen, that someone is Michael Netzer. In his opening address Michael makes some very relevant points indeed, so enough from me, click the links and join in. It might just be the most fun you'll have in a while.

Dave Simons: An Update From Dave!

This is the first chance I've had to sit down and write anything. I'm at home recovering. I'm on a diet of brown rice, fruit and vegetables in an effort to bring my body's ph back into line. The reaction to medication that Danny spoke of was to percocet (oxycodone) which had been prescribed to me by the Veteran's Administration Hospital. Somehow I ended up not being able to breathe and called my friend Leighton who rushed to my side and rode along in the ambulance with me. I was admitted and diagnosed with pneumonia. My lungs were filling with fluid. I was soon on a whole mess of drugs including morphine and not at all conscious. Leighton called my sister Bette who rushed up from Tennessee. On day 2 the medical staff didn't think I was going to make it. I rallied and pulled thru. Bette tells me the nurses were calling me "the Miracle Man". Hey, how about a character like that who's an escape artist--there's an original idea :) At my side at tha

Adventures With Telstra

Why is the man in this post smiling? Because he's never had to deal with the complaints department, or rather, lack of a complaints department, at the company that he's now stepping down from. That's right, cut to the chase, Sol Trujillo has quit Telstra and has been handed a package that should see him earn over $20,000,000, at least, just to walk away. And for what? Outsourcing the call centre to India. I'm not knocking India as a nation, but damn it's hard to speak to someone who doesn't understand a word you're saying. For having a call centre that cuts people off as they 'transfer' them to another department. And, best yet, for not having a complaints department. That's right, if you wish to complain about a service or an employee you can't do it, unless you put your concerns in writing, and even then you'll have to wait for several weeks, if you're lucky, to hear that nothing has happened. Today I rang Telstra to enquire ab

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