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Original Art Stories: The Ghosts Of Avengers Annual #10

Appearances can often, at times, be very deceiving. For years people have naturally assumed that the credits on certain comics were always correct, not so. The more I dig the more I learn about these books and who actually worked on them and more often than not the stories behind the stories can be just as interesting as the stories themselves.

In putting together Armando Gil's web-site, I had the chance to do the first part of an in depth interview with Armando. Naturally we spoke in detail about the Avengers Annual #10, which Armando inked over Michael Golden, one of the first times they worked together and probably the best known. Michael Golden recalled his views on the book in the recent Vanguard biography, Excess: The Art Of Michael Golden, "The books whole plot was contained in four or five typewritten pages," says Golden. "The last half of the main story, being the climax of the story, literally read: Then the Avengers show up and there's a big fight, …

Bad Tensile

Bored? Got some time to spend doing nothing but giggling? Via Satima, try this link and anagram yourself. Living here right now we have me: Bad Tensile, and his other half Ya Bell Rend!

These Are Some Of My Favourite Things

I can't help but love these two items. I've always had a love for movies, old movies and in particular the old Universal Horror films and Marx Brothers, along with The Three Stooges, but that's a different story (Oh, growin' a bit of brain are ya?). Imagine my surprise and sheer delight when I picked these two gems up in Melbourne during my last two visits.

The first is an original Australian press sheet announcing the release of the 1941 classic The Wolf Man. This was the film that launched Lon Chaney Jr (the studios eventually dropped the Jr part) into the horror spotlight, although he had made a fair few movies before this and would arguably give his finest performances in non-horror films such as Of Mice & Men and High Noon. Still, without the exposure that the Universal Horror films brought him he might have remained a footnote in cinema, the son of a horror great.

The press sheet, although marred by two holes punched in the side, is in surprisingly good conditi…

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