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New Web Site On Way

Why so quiet? Because I've been working hard on a new web-site for none other than artist Armando Gil. All going well it should be launched sometime before Christmas. So far there's loads of great art - original art from Conan with John Buscema, original art from Xena, from the Avengers Annual that Armando inked Michael Golden on and loads more, plus art you've never seen before (the tiger here is but one example out of several). I'm going all out on this one so hopefully the wait will be worth it.

More news as it comes to hand.

Book Excerpt: Gentleman Jim Mooney: The 1970s - Spider-Man & The Marvel Method

(Spider-Man by Jim Mooney and Bob Almond, created especially for the Mooney biography)

In this second part of the on-going excepts of the as yet unpublished Jim Mooney biography, Jim talks about how he adapted to the so called 'Marvel Method' of creating comic books. You can read more about Mooney at Marvel here.

(A strapping Jim Mooney, 1950s, posing as an artists life model)

One of the by products of the ‘new’ Marvel was the ‘Marvel Method’ of producing comic books. Unlike other comic book companies of the time – in particular DC – the ‘Marvel Method’ was simply a method of production in which there is no script. In this method, a writer and an artist meet to talk about the story, both brainstorming and coming up with ideas, though the writer hypothetically had the final say. The writer would describe a paragraph summary of the forthcoming issue to his artist. The artist then went and drew it, elaborating, construct…

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