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Book Excerpt: Gentleman Jim Mooney: The 1970s - Mooney, Gerber & Marvel

(The last collaboration. Joe Sinnott inked this Jim Mooney blue line sketch of Ms Marvel in 2006)

In 2005 Jim Mooney and myself agreed that I'd be the one to write his life story. During the next year we spent a fair bit of time on the phone talking to each other and covering all the aspects of his life. We also corresponded, sending material, photos and art back and forth, and in doing so managed to capture the feel of his life, his art and his career. Jim's main regret was that his memory was failing somewhat due to age, thus it wasn't as sharp when he wanted it to be, other times he'd speak in detail about events dating back to the 1920s with such a clarity that I could imagine being there. These conversations exhausted him somewhat and most were brief, well brief for me, lasting around 30 to 45 minutes in length. Each time we spoke Jim would do his best to answer my questions (which I'd email through beforehand, mainly topics of discussion, in order to prepare h…

Facebook....Yeah, Ok, Why This Long?

I've had a few people ask why have I not been on Facebook before and I've always given the same answers - 1] I don't have the time to devote to everyone there and 2] the other half's ex is a stalking arsehole. Now in order to not have to keep explaining this I've decided to throw it out there for all to see.

How much of a stalker is her ex? Well we have a restraining order out against him, which he's breached three times in the past two years. The last time he tracked her down via her Facebook account, which we promptly canceled. So now we share the one Facebook account, under my name, and it's closed off. That is you can visit it, but you'll have to be a pal to see the whole lot. Sorry about that - blame the 47 year old cretin who has no job, lives in a boarding house, is a fantasist and who, if only he'd been home when I visited with a baseball bat this wouldn't be an issue, finds he can't let go after all these years.

How much of a loser i…

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