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Marvel In Australia Part I: Horwitz & Bramley Sources

While we have a few minutes to spare I thought I'd share some covers and information, along with an oddity, on the Horwitz line of Marvel Comics in Australia. Along with Kevin Patrick, the Horwitz company has been covered in detail, so anything you might need can be found here,here and here.

Horwitz published a variety of Marvels in Australia, focusing mainly on the western and war titles dating back to the original Timely/Atlas pre-code period. Books such as Kid Colt, Outlaw Kid, Rawhide Kid and others (eventually I'll throw all the covers up of the books I have on hand) along with several Charlton titles, also predominately war and westerns. However it appears that Horwitz did dabble in superhero books publishing all too few titles from the Marvel range. Sadly, as with the bulk of comic books issued in Australia in the 1960s, details and actual copies of these books are scarce at best, however what does remain brings forth more questions than answers.

The Avengers #1, Cover ar…

Original Art Stories: The Ever Changing Essential Credits

If art like this still exists, and it does, then why does Marvel insist on having artists redraw and retouch art for inclusion in both their Masterworks line and now the Essentials?

Essentials you say? Indeed. I've been critical of the Essential line after buying a copy of Peter Parker #2 and finding some of the pages to be very lacking in quality, indeed they appeared to be poor quality, eighth generation photocopies, such as the panels shown here. At the time I approached Marvel editor Tom Brevoort to discuss the varying quality of the Essential line and was given this reply as an explanation, " In the case of the SPECTACULAR SPIDEY volume, the stats for those stories were either in horrible condition, or lost or discarded over the years. I've detailed in the past how maintenance of the reproduction warehouse wasn't anything resembling a priority during the bankruptcy years; stuff like this is the inevitable result years later." Fair points. Tom also explained t…

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